A winner of countless awards, Eminence prides itself in its commitment in "using sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic, and Biodynamic® products." As a part of this commitment, Eminence plants a tree for every one of their products sold.

Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale is a mineral makeup line that uses natural ingredients to moisturize and protect the skin while providing amazing coverage.

"Jane's success in reaching women of all ages and nationalities is based on the belief that true makeup artistry comes not from trying to make a face conform to the latest fashion trends, but from enhancing the wearer’s natural beauty and, as a result, allowing her personality to shine."


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Less than two years since its launch in the U.S., MONAT expanded to Canada, enhanced its VIP Customer Program with new, exclusive features and benefits, and doubled its collection of products and Systems. In that time, word has spread fast as we’ve seen local and national media, TV personalities, beauty bloggers and hair & makeup artists rave about MONAT. In such a short period, the company has also been honored with several industry awards, in both U.S.A. and Canada.



Live local.


Buy local.


Thrive local.


360 Skin Therapeutics

360 Skin Therapeutics was born from Dr. Milton Waner's desire to give his patients appropriate skincare products for after surgeries. "From the beginning, Skin Therapeutic products have been designed for one thing -  to produce results."



Le Beau de Blanc

Le Beau de Blanc is a small family-owned company that hand makes various "bath and body-works products for adults and children." We, in particular, are very partial to their lotion candles!




Kind Folke

"Kind Folke grew from the intention to connect and support people through the exchange of local, handmade goods that are environmentally and body friendly." Their products include bath salts, deodorant, muscle rubs, massage oils, and many other products.