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Spa Memberships

Ready to take your self-care to the next level? Regular spa visits provide a space where you can relax both your body and mind. Massage, body treatments, and skin care can give you beautiful results – inside and out – benefits that are cumulative over time, ensuring you always look and feel your best.

Ava Bella Memberships

By investing in an Ava Bella membership, you're not just scheduling monthly spa treatments – you're promising yourself a routine retreat, a moment to unwind and recharge in the midst of your busy life. Think about it this way: you're giving yourself the gift of serenity, and well-being... every single month! Now, isn't that a self-love routine you want to be part of?

Bella Platinum

Treat yourself to an Ava Bella Custom Facial with dermaplaning.

Regular price $149.


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Bella Gold

Melt away stress with a 90-minute relxation massage.

Regular price $133.


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Bella Silver

Choose between a 60-minute specialty massage or specialty facial.

Regular price $114.


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Bella Bronze

Enjoy a 60-minute relaxation massage or Ava Bella Custom Facial.

Regular price $97.


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Please note: Membership cancellation requires a 30-day written or email notification. The minimum non-cancellable term of membership is three months.

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